A modern operating system for next generation interactive device, it embraces Web community, uses JavaScript as the application language.

The YODAOS is a Linux-based operating system targeting voice first devices, and use JavaScript as the first-class programming language for application developers. It provides an AIAL(artificial intelligence abstract layer), and available for JavaScript and C/C++ developers. The YODAOS is the framework to build the voice first interaction application without any DSP or machine learning around, that means the ability for full-stack customization and development, is used by developer in ways never envisioned.

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Get Started

To get started with YODAOS development, read the yoda-book first.

Development Toolkit

YODAOS provides a toolkit for developers which include:


YODAOS is a community-driven project that we accepts any improved proposals, pull requests and issues.

YODAOS currently supports Rokid Kamino18, and Amlogic A113. See the Table of Development Boards for full supported hardwares, for more information, please take a look at YODAOS homepage at GitHub.